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NVR System for CCTVs in Baton Rouge & Denham Springs, LA

With higher storage capacities and resolutions, network video recorder (NVR) security camera systems are the latest alternative to analog DVR setups. Upload and store footage to cloud or digital servers, including long-term storage off your business premises. NVR capacities far surpass DVR capability.

Rely on Certified Alarms to safeguard your business with the smartest surveillance camera and alarm systems. Your NVR system will deter theft, burglaries, and more at your commercial property. Record and store large amounts of data and video footage for safe viewing on demand. Certified Alarms has your business security camera solutions today. Call or contact us online to reach a Certified Alarms NVR system expert.


Common NVR System Features We Provide

high resolution nvr camera

At Certified Alarms, our professional NVR system installation provides the following:

  • High resolution: NVR-connected cameras are a great option for capturing sharp, detailed video while ensuring clear surveillance footage.
  • Remote access: Users enjoy the convenience of accessing live or recorded video remotely through the internet, ensuring 24/7 professional monitoring.
  • Motion detection: Equipped with motion detection technology, NVR-connected cameras respond to movement immediately, triggering alerts or recording for efficient security.
  • Flexibility: NVR systems offer flexibility, allowing users to expand their surveillance network effortlessly by adding more cameras as needed.
  • Storage options: Supporting various storage choices, such as local hard drives or cloud storage, NVR-connected cameras provide flexibility in managing recorded data.
  • System integration: NVR system connected cameras seamlessly integrate with other security systems, further enhancing security measures through interconnected devices.
mvr vs dvr

NVR or DVR Security? Turn to Us to Choose

The choice between NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) depends on the specific needs of your surveillance system, budget, and desired features. NVRs are generally considered more advanced as they work with IP cameras, providing higher resolution and better flexibility.

They are suitable for modern, digital setups and a perfect option to enhance your business security. On the other hand, DVRs are compatible with analog cameras and may be more cost-effective for certain applications. But they lack flexibility and reliability. NVRs lend themselves to newer installations, and the experts at Certified Alarms are ready to assist you today.

NVR Systems for CCTV and Internet Connections | Call Us

An NVR operates effectively without an Internet connection, as if it were a standard CCTV system. An NVR system without Internet would capture and store footage locally while being functional for on-site surveillance when offline. But know that without an Internet connection, accessing recorded content remotely might prove more difficult or less convenient.

Safeguard Your Business With NVR Systems in New Orleans or Lafayette

Enhance your business security with an NVR system by Certified Alarms. We're ready to help and guide you with any business security camera installation or burglary detection in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Walker, New Orleans, Lafayette and more Louisiana cities. Call 225-535-3731 or contact us online to book your security system installation today.

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We have had Certified Alarms for 20 years. It has been a great service. They have helped us update our system to be able to control it when we are away from home with the new WiFi services. We recommend them to our family and friends!! Great friendly service!

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