Turret Camera Installation in Baton Rouge & Denham Springs

A turret camera is a small camera with a ball and a socket design. These are also known as eyeball cameras. Its easy installation process and strong security system make it famous among homeowners. If you want to increase the security system of your property with some aesthetics and modern look then these are a great option for you.

Rely on Certified Alarms for quality installation of turret cameras and ensure strong residential property security. Dial 225-535-3731 to ensure a better security system for your home area.

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Benefits of Turret Camera Installation

Turret cameras offer multiple benefits. Its installation process and features make it popular among homeowners. There are many benefits it provides including:

Versatility: Turret cameras are versatile and easy to install. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor options.

High-Resolution Options: They have high resolution and provide a clear view of the area. This can be used as strong evidence against any burglaries or crime.

Night Vision Feature: These cameras can capture quality video even at night or in low light. This makes it highly reliable.

Durable: Their waterproof mechanism makes it last longer against any weather while ensuring strong security.

Waterproof: These cameras are made to withstand water, rain, and any extreme weather.

Professional Installation Process of Turret Cameras

Site Survey & Planning: Before installing we will do a site survey to have a basic idea about the area. After that, based on customers' requirements we will plan a layout for effective installation.

Camera Mounting: Securely mounting the cameras to the wall, or ceiling while ensuring maximum coverage of the area.

Cabling & Wiring: The cameras will be connected to a power source while hiding the visibility.

Connection & Configuration: Ensuring that the cameras are connected properly and synchronized with the recording system to capture high-resolution videos.

Testing & Calibration: After installation, a test will be conducted by our professionals to ensure proper functionality, image quality, and area coverage. If any adjustment is needed we will do that.

Integration & System Setup: If the installation system is part of a large security system like a CCTV or access control we will integrate them with another security system for easy management.

Client Training & Handover: After completing the whole process we will provide you with a guide on how to maintain and operate the system.

Are Turret Cameras Better than Dome?

Both cameras are great when it comes to security systems. So, which one should you install? this question might vary based on your security needs. Turret cameras are wider and more versatile compared to dome cameras. Both of the cameras are waterproof and provide high security. However, turret cameras are stronger and easy to install.

Moreover, many other factors might change your decision about which one you should install. It would be better for you if you consult with a professional to know more about security cameras. Which one would be appropriate for you? You can rely on our experts to know more about this.

Places Where You Can Install Turret Cameras

Turret cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s also a great option for blind spots or vulnerable areas that require security. However, it’s a great option for the following places to install. Like:

Advantages of Our Professional Installation

Experienced & Licensed: Our experts are licensed technicians & installers with more than 30 years of experience.

Expertise & Efficiency: Our professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure quality installation while maximizing camera performance and reliability.

Durability: Effective installation will prevent any problems in the future while ensuring optimal functionality over the years.

Peace of Mind: It will provide you peace of mind knowing your system is professionally installed. It will also help you to focus on what matters most.

Improve Your Security with Smart Security System

At Certified Alarms, we offer quick, effective, and knowledgeable support for smart security systems to our customers. For many decades, We have been helping residential and commercial property owners in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Walker, and surrounding cities. We provide services for home automation, residential security systems, fire alarms, commercial security systems, and many more.

We aim to ensure a high-security system for your valuable property. So, to protect your home or business areas from any burglaries or life-threatening situations rely on our experts. Dial at 225-535-3731 for any security system installation or else contact us online to improve your security system. To know more about our special offer click here.

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