Business Security System for Schools in Baton Rouge & Denham Springs

Schools are one of the busy and crowded places. It's always chaotic and full of activities. It's easy for thieves and intruders to enter the place and do harm. However, with a smart security solution, you can prevent it from happening. It would help you have a strong security solution in this modern era. Install a security system with Certified Alarms and take your security system a step further.

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Stop Bully with Smart Security Cameras!

Bullying is really common in schools and colleges. These things are often hard to monitor all the time let alone preventing the issues. However, with smart security cameras, you will be able to deter crime and protect the mental health of your students.

With security cameras, you can monitor the school area 24/7 while taking necessary action against any bully. Moreover, these cameras will also help you to prevent any unfair acts of students during exams. It will allow you to have a peaceful environment.

Ensure a Safe Place with an Access Control System

Schools have many sensitive places like labs, medicine stores, security control rooms, and more. These areas need to be restricted to ensure a better and safer environment. Areas like labs contain many harmful chemicals which might be dangerous if kids come across them. Access control systems will prevent students from entering the area on their own. The same goes for medicine centers and other areas.

Prevent Burglaries with Burglary Detection

Schools have many properties and documents that they need to protect. With burglary detection, you can create a safe place for the institution. It includes:

Window & Door Sensor: Get instant security alerts for any burglaries in the school with this solution.

Glass Break Detector: It monitors the sound or frequency of any glass break and protects the property.

Install a burglary detection system in the school and protect the property from the outside world.

Protect Your Property with Fire Alarm & Water Sensors

Teachers and students are one of the most important assets of schools. Protecting them should be the number one priority of schools and colleges. Thus, you should always prepare yourself against any fire or water disaster. With a fire alarm system, you will be able to minimize property damage while saving lives. This system sends alerts whenever it senses any smoke.

Similarly, you can prevent any major water disaster at your school with a water sensor. Sometimes you can't inspect the plumbing system, appliances, and more to prevent water disasters. However, with a water sensor, you can put your worries. It will help you to prevent any major water disaster, especially from leaks and indoor issues.

School Security Matters for Students a Lot!

The smart business security system allows you to have a safe and disciplined living environment. This helps students to grow in a better place. Whereas poor security systems might lead to many traumatic events for students.

It would affect their academic performance as well. Thus, it's important for students' mental health as well as for security purposes. Install a smart security system today and ensure a safe place for the children.

Rely on Us for Your Security Needs

Schools have multiple solutions for their security system. However, the smart security system will allow them to have a strong security solution. It is like adding extra benefits to your security system. Moreover, it will make your life comfortable. No matter what type of industry it is, rely on Certified Alarms for your security needs. Our experts have been in this industry for more than 30 years.

They have seen it all and have experience in handling major projects. Whether it's a major or a minor project we handle it with care. Whenever you feel the need for effective security installation at your place, contact us. You can also call us at 225-535-3731 if you are from Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Gonzales, LaFayette, and other Louisiana cities we serve.

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I have had Certified Alarm System for many years. The service has been excellent. I have had very few problems but when I did they were prompt to reply & come out to my house if necessary. I have the regular alarm system plus cameras, glass breakers, motion detectors & on my phone even when away from home so home on my phone.

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We received good customer service on the last service call. The technician was knowledgeable and responded to our calls immediately. I've been a customer of Certified alarms for more than 15 years, not only for services provided but because of great customer service.

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We have had Certified Alarms for 20 years. It has been a great service. They have helped us update our system to be able to control it when we are away from home with the new WiFi services. We recommend them to our family and friends!! Great friendly service!

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